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Royal Canin Sterilised Indoor 7+ Cat Wet Food 85G

Royal Canin Wet Cat Food

Royal Canin Sterilised Indoor 7+ in Gravy
The Royal Canin Indoor 7+ cat food in Gravy is specially designed for cats who live indoors from the age of 7 and have been castrated or castrated. The ageing of the cat is supported by various vitamins and an adapted phosphorus content for the kidneys. When the cat is castrated, the urinary tract becomes vulnerable. To support them, this cat food contains plenty of water and a balanced amount of minerals. This Royal Canin food also ensures that the cat holds its weight. The amount of water gives your cat a satisfying feeling without adding extra calories. The composition of the Royal Canin Sterilised Indoor 7+ in Gravy Cat Food is very similar to natural food. This ensures that the cat accepts it faster. 

Suitable for:
Adult 7+, Castered Cats

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